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Partner with Research Infosource to connect with an influential and targeted audience in the research and innovation community. Canada's Innovation Leaders is the premier national print and digital publication which includes:

  • Key editorial content
  • Who's Who ranking and analysis of Canada's leading research universities, companies, hospitals and colleges
  • Authoritative data and engaging content
  • An influential readership of 750,000+ decision-makers in key government, business and higher education sectors
  • Multiple-reach distribution channels that target the right audience
  • Print distribution to:
    • National Post
    • Montreal Gazette
    • Chronicle Herald (Halifax)
    • Calgary Herald
    • Edmonton Journal
    • Vancouver Province
    • The Hill Times (government sector)
    • University Affairs (higher education sector)
    • Elected and senior officials of national and provincial governments
    • Select Global Affairs Canada offices worldwide
  • E-edition and web content distributed to key research and innovation audiences
  • Over 150,000 unique site visitors with over 1 million views annually
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Arlene Dwyer
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