Karen Mossman
Vice-President, Research
McMaster University

It’s been a year like no other and the need for evidence-based knowledge to inform citizens, influence decisions and drive change has never been greater. Working with partners across disciplines, sectors and the globe, McMaster researchers are tackling the pandemic from every angle. I salute them – and the entire Canadian research community – for their remarkable contributions.

Andrew P. Dean, PhD
Vice-President, Research and Innovation
Lakehead University

Lakehead University has a special relationship with communities in Northwestern Ontario and Simcoe County. Our catchment area is by far the largest in Ontario, and populations that call Lakehead their university are extremely diverse. Community-Engaged Research is one of five Research Initiatives in our 2019-2024 Research Plan. Our ranking as #1 in our category in Not-for-Profit Research Income reflects our commitment to knowledge mobilization in our regions.

Feridun Hamdullahpur
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo brings together world-class academic strength, leading-edge research, experience-rich learning and a highly networked entrepreneurial culture that ignites curiosity and enables bold ventures. The Waterloo culture builds bridges between imagination and industry on a foundation of innovation that matters.

Rafik Goubran
Vice-President (Research and International)
Carleton University

Carleton University’s multidisciplinary research strength in wellness provides tangible solutions to alleviate the impact of COVID-19. From discoveries in mental and e-health, artificial intelligence and epidemiology, to a deeper understanding of impacts on Indigenous communities and national economic concerns, we are taking a leadership role in addressing these historic challenges.

Louis Gendron
Chief Executive
Cégep Trois-Rivières

The relevance of the areas of intervention of our research centers is particularly pertinent in a world where metal additive manufacturing (3D printing), bio-based products, connected objects and sustainable development are at the heart of our partners’ concerns. In addition, our research centers improve the academic career of our students and allow professors to contribute to research and be at the forefront of advances in their discipline.

Andrea England
Vice Provost, Research
Sheridan College

At Sheridan, we’re proud to be a leader in innovation, creativity and applied learning.

By fostering a collaborative culture of research, innovation and entrepreneurship, we create unique opportunities for our faculty, staff and students to work directly with industry and community partners to address real-world challenges to strengthen our communities.

Changtian Cai
Huawei Canada R&D

Huawei Canada has been contributing to Canada’s accelerating knowledge economy for more than 12 years. For us, investing in Canadian R&D is a priority; it’s why we continue to focus on creating jobs, developing talent, and contributing to national GDP. We are proud to rank among Canada’s top R&D investors.

Dr. Amir Asif
Vice-President Research & Innovation
York University

At York University, we believe in the power of research to transform, and strive to make positive change. We bring expertise from across disciplines to build new tools and strategies to tackle the complex societal challenges and historic crises we are currently facing – COVID-19 being paramount.

Gordon Harling
President and CEO
CMC Microsystems

CMC lowers barriers to adoption of advanced technologies in Canada. We maximize your research dollars through cost sharing and facilitation.

We give Canada’s brightest minds the tools to keep our economy on the bleeding edge through simplified access to the best tools to design, develop, and test ideas.

Dr. Steven N. Liss
Vice-President, Research and Innovation
Ryerson University

Through collaborations that support our research growth and potential to accelerate change, Ryerson continues to leverage its scholarly, research and creative activities and the strength and breadth of our partnerships to address pressing societal issues. These very disruptions, once anticipated for our future, are now at our doorstep.

Together with our partners, Ryerson is driving innovation in critical areas such as health, community engagement and city building, and advancing our digital future.

Roseann O’Reilly Runte
President and CEO
Canada Foundation for Innovation

The global pandemic has underlined the important role of research and the need for Canadian laboratories and facilities to be ever-ready. Researchers across fields and across the nation have been dedicated to overcoming the challenges we face. It is essential to continue providing them these essential tools and facilities.