Year of science sets Canada on the path for a bright future

Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte
President and CEO
Canada Foundation for Innovation

This year’s Federal budget made 2018 the Year of Science. The three federal research agencies were given a considerable infusion of funds and the Canada Foundation for Innovation received a commitment for ongoing funding, making it possible for researchers, universities, colleges, hospitals, businesses, communities and provinces to better plan for the future. Students will be able to obtain the experience and skills they need and researchers will be able to achieve their goals, allowing Canada to take its place on the global stage.

This Year of Science is an investment in possibilities. Across the country researchers are working to find cures. They are tracing the genomic history of diseases to save precious lives and developing vaccines for use in the next pandemic. Researchers are finding ways to build homes that do not require electricity for heat and safer roads and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Others are creating machines that will function with sensors and artificial intelligence to enable an aging population to remain safely at home for a longer time. The keys to memory, language, and culture are being discovered and will allow us to better understand ourselves and others.

The challenges we face today are many and complex but the knowledge, talents and tools we have at hand are well suited to the tasks before us. Supporting the work of our researchers is both a privilege and a responsibility we all share. In the end, we will all benefit from stronger economic development, better, healthier lives, improved urban and rural environments. Communities flourish around research hubs, and because of the results they produce, we will be able to prosper nationally and compete globally.

The Year of Science is a good beginning. It is positive and progressive. It is a first step on the path to a better future where Canada can play a leading role in the world.