Research Infosource Inc. is Canada's Source of R&D Intelligence. As a leading research, consulting, and publishing firm, we specialize in the areas of policy, research, business intelligence and analysis on science, technology, innovation, and the Canadian R&D ecosystem.

Research Infosource is widely acknowledged as a respected and leading source of ranking information on research universities, corporations, hospitals and colleges that are used and followed by the research and innovation community, opinion and policy leaders in the government, research, corporate, higher education and non-profit sectors.

Each year, we publish our eagerly awaited Canada's Innovation Leaders (CIL) - the premier national print and digital publication which includes key editorial content and our Who's Who ranking and analysis of Canada's leading research universities, corporations, hospitals and colleges that are enhancing Canada's global competitiveness in the knowledge economy.

We provide a number of resources to assist and connect science, technology and research-oriented businesses and higher education institutions with innovation support and research partnership/collaboration resources available from Canada's government, business, academic and non-profit sectors.

Research Infosource Inc. also offers specialized consulting and research services, for the research and innovation community.